Willing to acquire a ready-to-operate VoIP business setup or test a new business model?

We offer:
Switching and billing systems suitable for your company, their installation, integration and commissioning.  Upon studying your demands, our engineers will provide coordination and delivery of all required work. After that, our team will undertake all tasks that involve technical maintenance and NOC services.

Our goal:
Offer efficient solutions on quick launch of new business and development of their own business, provide qualified assistance on a regular basis.


Joint services with our partner companies

  • Selection of switching platform and billing system.
  • Establishing a method and place for solution installation: a personal server, hosting with a partner company, a partition in a shared system.
  • Carrying out system installation, integration and initial settings. Tryouts.
  • Adjustment of systems to a customer’s needs, performing “fine” adjustments.
  • Selecting systems for traffic analysis and routes testing.


Skyward services

  • Technical support of solutions: administration, setting, analysis of issues.
  • NOC service: traffic issues solution, monitoring of key routes, interconnections with new customers and vendors, etc.
  • Health monitoring of solutions, prevention and elimination of issues.
  • Rate plans related tasks: upload, update, unload (as agreed upon).
  • Comparison and synchronization of CDRs, research of disputes (as agreed upon).


Our advantages:

  • Our complex approach allows to considerably reduce VoIP business launch and modernization time. Cooperating with only one company you obtain ready-to-operate solutions and services.
  • Our partner companies are verified and solid international providers. You will get most efficient and popular products and solutions.
  • You will put as little effort as possible into finding solutions to technical tasks, concentrating instead on dealing with important commercial matters.