Pursuing new opportunities for expansion of traditional telecom business?

We offer:
Launch of a new SMS traffic transit business-line based on unique solutions by our partner, Alaris Labs. Due to our long-term cooperation with Alaris Lab, you will be able to implement SMS solutions over the period of only several days, receive the necessary assistance at the launch stage and qualified technical support throughout the operational period.

Our goal:

Give a fresh impetus to traditional telecom business development driven by new SMS technologies.


Joint services with our partner companies

  • Demonstration of SMS solutions capabilities.
  • Establishing a method and place for solution installation: a personal server or hosting with a partner company.
  • Carrying out system installation and initial settings. Tryouts.
  • Adjustment of systems to a customer’s needs, performing “fine” adjustments.


Skyward services

  • Technical support of solutions: administration, setting, analysis of issues.
  • NOC service: traffic issues solution, monitoring of key routes, interconnections with new customers and vendors, etc.
  • Health monitoring of solutions, prevention and elimination of issues.
  • Rate plans related tasks: upload, update, unload (as agreed upon).
  • Comparison and synchronization of CDRs, research of disputes (as agreed upon).


Our advantages:

  • We offer you an ideal opportunity for launching your new SMS traffic transit business-line that requires minimum initial investments.
  • Due to our strong collaborative relationships with Alaris Labs, we will be able to provide you with answers to any question in the shortest time possible and solve issues of any type.
  • You will put as little effort as possible into finding solutions to technical tasks, concentrating instead on dealing with important commercial matters. The only thing you will need to do is to contact Skyward.
  • You do not need to be familiar with SMS IP transit technical peculiarities, which means that you can fully concentrate on dealing with important commercial matters. The only thing you need to do to have any technical issue solved is to contact Skyward.