Would you like to be confident about your VoIP network uninterrupted operation?

We offer:

Adjustable and convenient tools for carriers’ system health monitoring. Due to our solutions, it is possible to efficiently monitor the current state of VoIP infrastructure and immediately respond to any emergency. Monitoring settings are performed with consideration of a customer’s request and their VoIP network peculiarities.

Our goal:

Minimization of carriers’ network waiting time, prevention of issues or their elimination in the shortest time possible.


Monitoring service description

  • hardware platform monitoring: availability of servers, utilization of system resources (HDD, RAM, CPU, etc.)
  • VoIP system monitoring: system elements health, data base operational state and load, etc.
  • traffic flow monitoring: number of active calls, CPS, disconnection codes, etc.
  • prompt handling of emergencies, prevention of issues, giving notice to a customer
  • proactive monitoring, prevention of issues, providing tips to a customer


Monitoring features and advanced options

  • customized monitoring system based on Zabbix platform
  • visual representation: diagrams, tables, color marking
  • various means of notification: sound notifications, emails, sms, phone calls
  • advanced monitoring settings at a customer’s request
  • monitoring system installation either at a customer’s server or at Skyward server


Our advantages:

  • Grasp of VoIP carriers business peculiarities allowed us to considerably improve system monitoring capabilities based on Zabbix platform.
  • Implementation of a wide range of monitoring settings and various means of notification allow us to monitor even minor changes in the system behavior and time-sensitively respond to alerts.
  • Possibility of quick readjustment of the monitoring system, its scale in case of changes in VoIP solutions infrastructure.
  • Introduction of additional monitoring settings at a customer’s request and with consideration of his VoIP network peculiarities.