Skyward offers professional telecommunication services and especially focuses VoIP transit carriers assistance. You will find cooperation with us especially attractive if:

  • You are a newcomer to VoIP or SMS business and your technical experience is insufficient.
  • You business is rapidly developing and your current technical staff are unable to handle a growing amount of work.
  • You want to minimize personnel costs and at the same time retain the possibility to work alongside a team of skilled technical engineers.

Skyward offer of services is unique because of two key factors:

  • our company specializes in VoIP industry, what makes our engineers experts in this area;
  • we offer a full range of services starting from structuring a working process to solving complex technical tasks on VoIP equipment administration.

Our approach makes two growth opportunities available for our customers: technical – efficient use of equipment capability and organizational – increase of a working process efficiency.

Our offer of services:

Switching and billing equipment administration and support services.


Establishing a full-featured NOC service in accordance with your requirements or allocation of an individual engineer. Finding solutions to voice and SMS traffic tasks.


Introduction of a monitoring system and hardware-software health monitoring. Prevention of accidents and immediate repair.


Structuring and optimization of a technical department’s working process. Formalization of processes, introduction of Helpdesk, results monitoring.