In order to increase efficiency of their business, many small and medium carriers are constantly reducing expenses, it means that the resources they allocate for establishing comprehensive engineering service and a Network Operations Center (NOC) are often limited. At the same time, the availability of qualified staff and continuous monitoring of infrastructure health are vitally important to maintain competitiveness in the dynamic VoIP market. We help our customers to settle this inconsistency and achieve outstanding results.

Cooperation with Skyward will bring about new opportunities for VoIP carriers’ business development. Technologies and knowledge that were previously unavailable for our customers are now contributing to their prosperity. What are our advantages?

We help telecom providers to increase efficiency of their business

  • Focus on primary activity. We enable our customers to focus on the activities that bring primary income without being distracted by routine tasks that require technical problem solving. Now, customers can dedicate all their time to attracting business partners and developing their business.
  • Cost optimization. Introduction of contractual employment can reduce staff expenses by 20-50% because it requires no payroll tax payments, no recruitment and training investments, no vacation and sick payments. Another advantage is minimization of losses incurred by permanent employees with no skills in the area.
  • Faster market access. Cooperation with our company will allow telecom providers to receive business income almost straight away after it is established. We can guarantee a reduced time to market and commissioning time, the fastest possible interconnection with new business partners and optimized telecommunications system settings.
  • Organizational process optimization. Our customers receive not only assistance from skilled technical engineers, but also an opportunity to improve operating methods of NOC team. We perform a review of current request handling processes, assist with their formalization and automation.

We are blazing a path to technological leadership

  • A team of experienced technical engineers. We unite skilful VoIP specialists and improve our skills on a regular basis. The abilities of all our staff members combined together facilitate the process of complicated VoIP problem solving.
  • Faster modifications and innovations. Our knowledge was acquired over the course of a long-term experience and cooperation with leading VoIP companies. We have accumulated the best practices, made them available for our customers and introduced advanced operating methods for each provider.
  • Quality of service improvement. The outcome of our work is not limited by solved problems and prevented losses. Most importantly, it is a possibility to considerably improve the service provided by telecom carriers, in other words, facilitate uninterrupted communication of sustained quality.
  • Suggestions on optimization. We are constantly looking for and suggest to our customers the ways of their VoIP infrastructure optimization, equipment settings adjustment and selecting the best business partners. These suggestions account for our customers’ business development and their top rank on the market.

We guarantee stable operation of VoIP platform

  • Operational monitoring. We monitor VoIP infrastructure elements state: switches, gateways, server hardware and software applications. We also carry out continuous monitoring of VoIP traffic key parameters (active calls, ASR, ACD, etc.).
  • Efficient problem-solving. Proactive control allows us to prevent many issues, thus keeping the quality of service from deterioration. In case of an emergency, we perform an analysis by ourselves and eliminate the issues.