Skyward attends ITW 2015

In 2015, a representative from our company attended the ITW conference for the first time. Meeting in person with the customer confirmed that the both sides are interested in maintaining and developing cooperation. Besides, participation in the event allowed us to more accurately assess the current state of the telecom market in order to adjust our service to new requirements of telecom carriers.

Broadening of cooperation with Alaris Labs

Since April 2015, our company has started broadening cooperation with Alaris Labs, a well-known solution developer for telecom carriers. Professional duties of our staff members will include selection and administration of the servers that will become the basis for a new service to be launched by Alaris Labs – SMS traffic management hosting platform. Some of our customers have already implemented several solutions by Alaris Labs, so the process of strengthening cooperation with the developer will positively affect the quality of our services and their extension.

Progress review of the year 2014 and a customer satisfaction survey

Skyward is glad to reveal the news on a successful end of the year 2014. We have reached all the targets we set, reinforced our knowledge and secured our presence on the telecom market. According to the results of the yearly survey, 80% of our customers are satisfied with the quality of service, and the total customer satisfaction score amounted to 4.3 from 5 points. Our engineers scored high for their technical expertise and customer-oriented approach. We would like to thank the customers who shared their suggestions of service improvement, we will definitely consider them in the incoming year.

Skyward staff members’ professional development

Skyward has carried out a corporate training for its staff members. The target of the comprehensive program was to reinforce their knowledge and improve their customer service skills. Experts from companies that develop solutions for telecom carriers were invited for the training, including SwitchRay and Alaris Labs. The training proved itself useful after the successful results of the final assessment were revealed. The knowledge acquired by our staff members will secure the high quality service and its improvement for the benefit of our customers. In the future, we plan to hold corporate trainings on a yearly basis.

Partnership with IPT Networks, the developer of iTest

Skyward has become a business partner of IPT Networks (Great Britain) – a well-known developer of testing tools for routes quality, iTest, and VoIP infrastructure monitoring, iView. Since November 2014, Skyward has provided IPT Networks with an opportunity of carrying out CLI routes testing of major Russian phone carriers. For more than half a year Skyward’s engineers have used iTest solution by IPT Networks that accounts for reliable and efficient assessment of traffic termination routes quality.

NOC process establishment and MMD Smart Helpdesk implementation

Skyward has carried out a project on elaboration and implementation of a new NOC business process for MMD Smart (Israel). As part of the project, we executed an audit of the carrier’s current NOC management, suggested and formalized a new approach that would structure and increase efficiency of customers’/vendors’ requests handling process. The process’ automation was achieved due to implementation of Helpsedk system that was adjusted to the customer’s needs. Before the project was finished, a training for the customer’s NOC department had been conducted.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers and business partners! We highly value our cooperation as this is the reason our company’s second year in operation was so successful. During this period, we experienced professional growth, extended our staff and range of provided services. Our mutual aspiration to top results allowed each of us to complete another stage of development. We are glad that we had a chance to work for you, and we are sure that the incoming year will help us to enhance our business relations and develop our achievements.

Integrated service for a new customer, RSCom

A startup telecom provider, RSCom, that is rapidly growing on the market of Canada has become our new customer. The company’s plans include becoming one of the leading players on the US traffic termination market as well as providing high quality international routes. RSCom chose our company to be its partner to help deliver this ambitious strategy. As part of this cooperation, Skyward will be providing all NOC functions, including the carrier’s VoIP equipment stock administration. Besides, our task will be to elaborate optimal request handling business processes and establish interactions between the carrier’s departments.

Skyward has a house-warming

Our company has been relocated to a new office building: a more spacious and comfortable one. This became possible due to our success in business development, in fact, the number of our staff members and customers is now almost double what is was in the previous year. We are grateful to each customer and business partner as these were they who, to a significant extent, stipulated stages and outcomes of our development, one of which is a new comfortable home for our company. We also sincerely hope that these positive changes will give an impetus to our further development and service quality improvement

Customer satisfaction survey results

Following the results of the first half of the year 2013, our company has conducted a survey among our customers on the quality of provided services. More than 65% of our customers were surveyed. We would like to thank all the companies that shared their comments and suggestions with us. We are pleased that all our customers assessed the outcomes of our cooperation very highly, and the total score amounted to approximately 4.5 points. In addition, the highest score was received for “technical expertise” (4.6 points) and “usefulness of suggested solutions” (4.5 points) criteria. Many customers put forward valuable suggestions regarding the development of provided services, which we will definitely consider in the nearest future.