Skyward celebrates its 5th anniversary

Today, on February 27th, Skyward celebrates its 5th anniversary. What started as a small partnership of IT-enthusiasts, now has become a steadily-growing company with a dozen of highly qualified specialists. For these five years our company has managed to triple its business and established contacts with the world’s leading developers of telecom solutions and tools.

Back then, in 2012, we have voiced our core value: «Act in the best interests of every customer, protect and develop their business as it is our own». And now, after 5 years of intensive work, we are proud to say that we have never backed down this principle. This is not the idle words: highest scores in annual surveys and warm feedbacks from our clients perfectly reflect that our ideas and values are working.

We would like to thank our long-standing customers for being with us throughout these years and we assure you that our future cooperation will be even more fruitful and strong.

As for our new clients, we promise that we will bring all our knowledge and experience to prove that you have made the right choice and our cooperation will be effective and trustworthy, as our motto says: “Your business – our support”.

Skyward team participates in SMS Training

Skyward team has completed a two-day training program on SMS technologies. It included a series of detailed lectures and a number of practical tasks. This training was organized by our colleagues from Alaris Labs and also by Skyward SMS specialists. Alaris Labs specialists have paid special attention to the features of the latest version of their product, Alaris SMS Platform.

Skyward employees who have already worked with Alaris tools have improved their knowledge and developed a deeper understanding of SMS technologies, while junior staff members learnt how to perform common tasks involving SMS traffic.

This training has helped us to broaden our technical skills, ensuring better quality of service and increased competitiveness on the telecom market in the future.

Skyward attends ITW 2016

For the second time Skyward has participated in International Telecoms Week, held in Chicago, May 2016.

We attended a series of meetings with our clients and business partners, and explored the latest events on the telecom market. One of the key tendencies is a steadily growing interest towards SMS-wholesale technologies. Recent reports show that the number of companies involved in this business is constantly increasing.

We also had an opportunity to meet with our customers personally and discuss the results of our mutual cooperation. We would like to thank everyone for positive feedback on our services. We intend to keep our service standards high and will do our best to further improve our performance level. We have taken into account the wishes and suggestions, and they will be implemented in the future.

Looking forward to meeting you again next year!

Looking forward to our meeting at ITW 2016

ITW-2016-LOGOThe second year in a row representative from Skyward will attend the International Telecoms Week (ITW). At the event, we plan to present our new services, iNOC and SMS NOC, and attract new customers. We also hope to meet the majority of our current customers to hear their suggestions and discuss the possibility of strengthening our business relations. You can set up a meeting with us at section MeetMe on the website of ITW ( or send us a request to See you soon!

Skyward’s new image

We would like to bring to your attention our new corporate website. We tried to make it not only more modern, but also more informative and convenient. There you can find information on the range of services we provide and also read the facts about our company you are interested in. We hope that our website will be of use for both our existing and future customers with whom we are always seeking to establish cooperation. We will be glad to hear your questions or suggestions. Do not hesitate to fill out and submit a contact form or send us an e-mail to

Skyward Logger. Signaling messages logging

Skyward has developed its own tool for SIP signaling messages collection and storage. Skyward Logger allows to simultaneously record data from up to ten thousand calls at 500 CPS and has minimum system requirements. Using a call ID or a call date, the tool can promptly provide a short or full call log in the txt or pcap format. Due to the logger, it is possible to find the reason for incorrect disconnect codes and ASR drop in the shortest time possible. Besides, the tool is irreplaceable for dispute analysis. Some of our customers have already had the tool implemented.

Skyward introduces SMS NOC service

In response to the telecom market’s growing interest to SMS traffic transit technology, our company launches a new service – SMS NOC. The tasks of SMS NOC are as follows: receiving and analyzing customers’ requests on SMS traffic issues (fake DLR, DLR delay or absence, low Delivery Rate, etc.), maintaining communication with vendors to eliminate the issues, and also interconnections with new business partners. Our engineers will assist you with SMS equipment adjustment and selection of routing rules.

Highest score. A customer satisfaction survey results

The results of the yearly survey have become a hallmark of our company. 85% of our customers have been surveyed and each of them assured that they were satisfied with the quality of provided services. For the first time, the total score of customers’ satisfaction amounted to 4.6 from 5 points. The highest score was received for the adjustment of services to the customers’ needs and for the attention our staff members pay to the customers’ requirements. Moreover, all the customers commented on the service quality improvement as compared to the previous year.


We sincerely thank our customers and business partners for their nice words and fruitful cooperation in the outgoing year. We wish you new prospects and great achievements in the new year of 2016!

Yearly Skyward staff members training has been held

Our company has completed a two-months program on the staff members’ business development. The series of lectures and practical tasks included an overview of new computer technologies, study of Linux operating peculiarities, advanced study of the matters related to administration of the equipment by 46 Labs, SwitchRay and Alaris Labs. An essential component of the corporate training was a range of presentations on kaizen, a managerial technique that accounts for service process analysis and uninterrupted improvement. The new knowledge will allow the company to increase its current service quality and offer new services to the customers.

Proactive monitoring and NOC new analytical tasks

Skyward introduces iNOC – an extended version of a traditional NOC service. The new package includes proactive monitoring of key routes, customers and vendors as well as traffic fluctuation and unsuccessful disconnect codes monitoring. The main tool for executing proactive monitoring tasks is 5gVision. The iNOC package also includes key routes regular testing with the possibility of selecting an alternative vendor in case there is an issue with one of the routes.