How was our company established?

Before establishing the company, its founders were successfully cooperating with tens of VoIP providers all over the world. For years we have accumulated experience and been actively involved in business development of one of the leading VoIP solution developers. Embarking on an independent career, we set a goal of creating a company that will be sincerely concerned about their customers’ prosperity and promote development of its own staff members.

Skyward was established in late 2011, and in as little as a year among our customers were carriers from Brazil, Argentina and Russia. Currently a list of our customers includes more than 20 companies with those from the USA, Europe and Asia among them. This is just a start though, and we suggest that we walk this road together.


Why are we called Skyward?

The word “Skyward” reflects our vision of the company: striving to the top, continuous self-improvement and outstanding results. Here dynamics of development coexists with challenges of the unknown. Our knowledge, stamina, creative vision and, most importantly, cooperation with our customers and partners help us to reach higher heights.


What do we specialize in?

The majority of our customers are VoIP transit carriers. We assist them with organization of the technical process and carrying out engineering tasks on VoIP equipment administration and traffic tasks processing. We can provide round-the-clock NOC support or allocate an individual engineer, design new business methods or improve the current ones. Our task is to increase efficiency and profitability of carriers’ business.


What are we guided by?

Our mission

  • Assist in business development of telecom providers by introducing advanced technologies and providing first class engineering support.


Our vision

  • Open up opportunities for personal development for each staff member and channel their potential so that they can be of benefit to our customers, thereby contributing to the company’s success.


Our values:

  • Cooperation with customers. We treat business of our customers as if it was our own and we do not simply provide services, but act in the best interests of every customer, protecting and developing their business.
  • (Self)-development of our staff. We value ambition of our staff members to advance their skills and handle new tasks successfully. It is a responsibility of the company to provide equal opportunities for development to all its members.
  • Team work. We believe that nothing besides common goals and collaboration in achieving them account for the intended result that will make all members of our team proud.
  • Simple and disciplined. We consider our work to be a carefully considered series of steps either of which has its own value.
  • Creative exploration. We are constantly searching for new opportunities to develop our company and improve customer service.
  • Transparency and trust. We think that it is important to listen to our customers and coworkers, respect their opinion, be able to establish a constructive dialogue and build long-term relationships of trust.